History of the European Club House


Architectonic beauty of the European Club House building is amplified by its location in the city´s historic centre in Pernstyn square. The building itself has undergone an interesting process: originally there were three houses, one of which was chartered, e.i. free of duties imposed by the overlords.

In 1882 Civic Savings Bank, the oldest money association in the city, moved in. It bought next house then with relief facade by sculptor V. Amort. Christ on the throne in the gable, Jan Zizka of Trocnov, mounted, below, and far below Jirík of Podebrady hearing to FANTINE, the Papal legate, of 1462. 


European Club House Today

In 1995, the idea of Europian cooperation inspired Pardubice patriots´ association to establish a club called European Club House Foundation and European Cooperation Club. The name itself expresses its objectives. To find appropriate background for clubs activities, interconnect city activities with those in European countries, not just through the partner cities. It contains three levels: club meetings platform, experts meetings, cultural and educational activities.

Commercial use is provided by second-hand bookshop and Europe Café on the ground floor. The building provides offices, clubrooms, mail boxes with contact addresses, audiovisual device and room for presentation to civic initiatives. Strasbourgh's Alsatian Club House in France served as an example for the European Club House.


Basic investments are provided by its promoter, the Municipality of Pardubice. Cultural presentations and language education is provided by the British Centre, French AllianceFrancaise and German Goethe-Zentrum. Currently, 23 civic initiatives and general public come to ECH to learn, to entertain themselves and to meet others. About 350 events take place there a year. Clubs and foreign institutions groupment under the same roof is quite unique in the Czech Republic.